Large File Sharing: 4 Platforms that do the Job

With teams spread out and working from home, sharing large files can be problematic. Here are four platforms that enable large file sharing.

With teams spread out and working from home, sharing large files can be problematic. Here are four platforms that enable large file sharing.

What are file-sharing apps?


File-sharing apps are built to help your business efficiently collaborate and share files within your organization. These file-sharing platforms can help you manage, share and send large files while keeping them all in one, safe place.

The ability to share files and collaborate is essential for employee productivity. There are cloud-based applications that specialize in large file-sharing software, making it easy and more secure for your employees to share large files online.

The advantages of file sharing


There are a few key advantages file-sharing will bring your company.



Filing-sharing services allow for easy access of data. They can be updated in real-time, and allow files to be sent anywhere. The convenience of these storage services will save your employees time and energy, and, therefore, save your business money. In addition, many of these file storage services have apps for mobile devices and have cloud storage options.

Time Savings


These storage spaces will also save your employees time. These spaces are made to organize files and folders that are used for collaborative projects. With documents all found in one, centralized place, the time usually spent searching for files can be saved.

Data Integrity


These programs also often have increased security features, such as password protection, to allow employees to access documents through FTP servers. They allow for seamless transfer of data using peer-to-peer networking to allow more than two computers to access the data.

Cost reduction


Although file-sharing infrastructure does have costs associated with it, the benefits and time-savings capabilities of it will save your business money. Some of these services have options for trials or free accounts, but investing in these programs for your business will allow your business to run more smoothly.

The best ways to share big files


Sending and sharing large files can be a headache, especially with the file size limitations of email servers. There are a few ways to tackle this problem:

Cloud-storage spaces


These are the cloud file-sharing apps we mentioned earlier that allow you to drag and drop files directly into the program. This is probably the easiest way to share large files quickly. Upload your files directly to these programs, if they have a corresponding email server, the cloud-share service will already be integrated into the software.

Compress the files


If you have a lot of files to send, compress them down using zip folders. You can find some free services that will do this online, but be sure to look at reviews to ensure you will not lose any precious data when the folder is compressed.

Flash drives


This is a more old-school approach to file sharing, but it can still help. This will allow documents to be passed between coworkers more easily and will be a way to back-up any important files on your computer.

File-sharing online services


Companies like, Jumpshare allow you to upload a file and turn it into a shareable link. These files can be sent to anyone and allow for easy data sharing.

How to share large video files

Sharing large video files can be tricky; here are some of our tips on the best ways to send large video files with file-sharing apps. Depending on the device you are using, the best way to share large video files may vary.

  • iPhone: AirDrop is the best way to share large video files on these devices. However, they can only share these files with other iPhone users that are close by, with their phone turned on. iCloud can also be used to send large video files to other iPhone users.
  • Android: File transfers apps are the best way to share large files on Android devices.
  • Email: Email servers have file size limitations; however, using a zip file and compressing down the video will be the fastest and easiest way to send large video files.

Our favorite large file-sharing platforms


We have a few file-sharing platforms that we would like to highlight and showcase their usability features.



Known as the gold standard for file-sharing applications, Dropbox is one of our favorite file-sharing platforms. It is easy to use and extremely reliable. In addition, it allows for the integration of other third-party applications, making it an excellent choice. It comes with 2GB of free storage.



Box is made for the business world, with the program being specifically designed for business and IT. It allows for data to be shared and transferred from your PC to their cloud effortlessly. In addition, it has controls that allow users to manage who can view, share, upload or even edit files.



Owned by Microsoft, OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that is a safe and secure way to send and store files. They offer ways to collaborate on files and allow content to be shared easily. It is automatically included as part of Office 365 and works great with other Microsoft software.

Google Drive


Google Drive is probably one of the most well-known file-sharing services out there. The program also has apps for tablets and your smartphone, allowing you to access your data at any time, anywhere.

They offer 15GB of free cloud storage and the only requirement to use Google Drive is to make an account. The program is user-friendly and simple to use.

Still need more help?


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