Integrations that everyone needs: Integrating Slack

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Slack technologies are all about workplace communication. Integrating Slack into your business stack can connect your apps and create seamless project management.


What is Slack?


Slack’s messaging platform is a powerful – and popular – communication tool among professionals. The program makes your work life easier, with instant messaging and other add-ins for valuable tools.

Active users save time and are better connected within the company.

There are two main chat versions of Slack: channels and direct messages. Channels are group chat-style messages, either public or private, depending on how accessible the owner wants them to be.

Various channels can be added and sorted by subject matter, creating conversations by topic or project. Direct messages are always private, but can include up to eight team members.

Slack brings team communication to the forefront of business needs. This program has a wide range of features and add-ins that can be used to help your business run smoothly.

Other similar chat-based company programs have surfaced after the rise of Slack, such as Microsoft Teams, but Slack is still the primary communication platform many companies choose to use to connect their team.

Top Slack integrations


The chatting platform offers companies much-needed versatility, syncing directly with other everyday apps including Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Administrators can even install applications directly into Slack, creating team integration within the app. Slack alleviates the pain point of teams constantly needing to switch in and out of apps.

By integrating all of your work needs into one program, you can easily increase company productivity in the long run.

We rounded up some of our favorite ways to integrate your company using Slack, focusing on some of our favorite platforms here at InterOperate.

These include Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox and Asana.

Twitter and other applications can also be added based on the Slack app directory. To see all the integrated platforms that connect to Slack, check them out ,here.

Google Drive and Dropbox

Integrate all of your file-saving platforms directly into the app. With the click of a button, you can share files and search for needed documents all in one platform.

By clicking the paperclip, you can attach anything you need to your messages, including anything saved in your Dropbox account, Google Docs, Google Sheets and more.


Teams can use the Salesforce integration to set up custom alerts for your company and automatically send updates to your different channels.

This integration allows sales updates and other critical information to be readily available and accessible to all employees.

Automatic alerts will keep everyone up-to-date about company procedures, new opportunities or threats that emerge during a workday.


Asana’s workflow platform can be integrated to alert Slack of any new updates to the platform.

When a new task is created, or when something is marked as complete, this integration will automatically send out alerts.

Projects can also be linked to specific channels for easy access. Combining these two platforms allows you to access them both within the Slack app.


Workflows from Zapier can be added directly to the Slack platform. Messages can automatically be added to to-do lists through Slack, Twitter mentions can be shared and you can even forward Slack messages directly to email with this integration.

You can also trigger alerts for newly saved messages, new files and new reactions to messages through the Zapier integration.


Similar to the Asana and Zapier integration, the Jira integration can trigger alerts and allow you to use the app directly from one platform. You can also use Jira’s project management and planning capabilities all from one app.

Reasons to integrate


Integrating other apps and tasks in Slack will streamline your company’s work experience. In the digital age, new software is constantly emerging, improving the way we work.

However, with all of these new programs and data sources, more windows, tabs and clicks are required to utilize them – that’s where we come in.

InterOperate helps teams get the most out of their technology without distraction.

By automating the processes within all the specialized platforms teams utilize every day, our integrations create a single source of truth to achieve maximum productivity and streamline day-to-day workflow.

By integrating Slack, all of your tools and software can all be collected in one easy-to-use platform, making it effortless to quickly find what you need, improving workflows and communication company-wide – all within one program.


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