InterOperate Sponsors the Maverick Passport Project at University of Nebraska at Omaha

Michael Blakely, UNO class of 2014, repeat study abroad participant, supplies funding to help UNO students obtain their first passport!

What is an education abroad program?

Education abroad programs, also known as study abroad programs, are a memorable and rewarding part of the college experience.

These programs allow students to pursue education in another country for a set period of time while obtaining college credit or gaining internship experience.

Education abroad programs are commonly offered at universities across the United States.

These programs are offered in various durations, from one week, to six weeks, to semester and academic year-long opportunities. The education abroad experience is a great way for students to gain experiencing traveling while getting an international education.

Education abroad students are offered a variety of experiences that take them out of their comfort zone. International travel leads to personal growth, independence and memories that last a lifetime.

However, many students face financial difficulties when they need to fund their trips. Many universities have financial aid services and scholarship programs, but some students still lack the resources and financial ability to acquire a passport.

That’s where InterOperate comes in . . .

About our partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha

Our CEO, Michael Blakely, is a proud alum of UNO and a repeat study abroad participant. Blakely’s experience with UNO Education Abroad sparked his passion for travel which continued to be a foundational aspect of his professional life.

The Maverick Passport Project supports 75+ students per year by providing funding and the application assistance needed to receive a U.S. passport. As a proud alumnus, Blakely heard about the Maverick Passport Project and wanted to give back.

The funds he donated to establish the project will provide current Mavericks with the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and participate in their first Education Abroad Program.

“As a college student, I learned how important it is to get out of your comfort zone, and studying abroad is one of the most invigorating and rewarding ways to do so,” said Blakely. “The skills that I, and every other study abroad student, develop are the foundation for most other life-long skills.”

Blakely’s experience with UNO Education Abroad sparked his passion for travel which continued to be a foundational aspect of his professional life.

As the founder and CEO of his own technology company, InterOperate, Blakely leads a team of fully remote employees around the globe. His team members are not only allowed, but encouraged, to get out and travel while working.

Blakely’s passion for technology stems from an intrinsic need for efficiency, productivity and a life outside the office. Founding InterOperate has given him the opportunity to pursue the life he always wanted – working remotely, and traveling while he does.

“I knew it would be a long process, but I was cemented in my desire to build a professional foundation from which I could ultimately find a fully remote career,” said Blakely.

His vision in starting InterOperate was built on the mission of assisting other companies in regaining time once wasted sitting behind a desk. Through integrations, companies have the ability to automate their processes and workflow.

The time saved by not having to complete menial, repetitive, administrative tasks can be transformed into time used to restore a work-life balance and to devote more time to their lives outside of work.

In his time at the University of Nebraska Omaha, Blakely participated in multiple Study Abroad programs taking his education globally in countries such as France and Italy.

The experiences he had while traveling opened his mind up to a new world of possibilities and opportunities that he would never have discovered otherwise.

He pursued an internship with UNO’s Study Abroad office and ISA (International Studies Abroad).

With his global curiosity still at its peak, he applied to an International Business Master’s program at one of UNO’s partner institutions, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu, China.

When he returned to UNO, he was chosen as the commencement speaker for his graduating class to inspire his classmates with the stories of his travels.

Blakely’s life wouldn’t be the same without his first passport and the UNO Education Abroad team. The passion Blakely developed for learning internationally grew into his aspirations of working remotely and illuminated his path towards the technology industry.

The experiences he gained from his time with UNO Education Abroad have extended beyond his college education and well into his professional life.

“Mavericks are so lucky to have the incredibly passionate UNO Education Abroad office, and instructors, supporting and encouraging you to get out there,” said Blakely.

About Us

InterOperate is a professional services company that offers a range of integration and workflow solutions through system integrations.

By automating the processes within all the specialized platforms teams utilize every day, InterOperate creates a single source of truth to achieve maximum productivity and streamline day-to-day workflow.

InterOperate creates scalable solutions through their various workflow levels that solve a multitude of operational challenges.

About UNO Study Abroad

We are committed to putting UNO on the map by providing opportunities for our students and faculty to develop their global citizenship through international education.

It is our mission to support students from the moment they become interested in exploring study abroad options to months and even years after they have returned home from abroad.

We firmly believe that each step of the process is an important opportunity for students to grow in their critical thinking, logistical planning, and independence.

We provide resources and assistance that empower and encourage students to take personal responsibility for their study abroad experiences.

To learn more about InterOperate, visit their website:

To learn more about UNO Education Abroad, visit their website:

Current UNO students: Apply for the Maverick Passport Project


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