Integration case study: Salesforce can do more than you think

Salesforce specializes in helping companies with frustrating and overwhelming customer data.

What is Salesforce?


Salesforce specializes in helping companies with frustrating and overwhelming customer data. This is known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Salesforce is recognized as the top leading CRM software company in the world.

This software helps to connect data from different departments of a company. With the use of Salesforce, data from your sales team or sales cloud is automatically made available to all company departments, connecting them into one platform.

The software enables employees in various departments – including sales, commerce, and IT – to have a consistent view of customer data. It utilizes a complex system that creates powerful connections between applications.


Salesforce helps to create a better customer experience. The program streamlines an employee’s view of customer data to perform essential business processes.

In addition, the entire system is completely cloud-based – but, you may have already guessed that based on their logo.

The network Salesforce offers through its user interface helps with data integration and mitigates frustrating data silos. Salesforce CRM platforms work across multiple systems in real-time to create a unified view of data across a company’s system of integrated apps.

Salesforce’s most versatile and useful features:


Integrating Salesforce into your technology stack for data and marketing automation will allow your team to upgrade from outdated legacy systems to more user-friendly programs of today.

Salesforce integration is a form of business logic that works for you. This program has a variety of versatile features that go far beyond data integration.

This system allows users to understand their consumers and connect with them on deeper levels by offering real-time analytic tracking and customer service inquiries.

The connectivity of Salesforce allows companies to track customer data.

In addition, the program is used in a variety of ways to benefit and streamline various business processes. It features tools that assist with marketing, sales and performance.

The tools and applications Salesforce employs allow a company to strategically plan for the future. It also provides critical management tools for a business.

With Business 360, you can automate your business’s data processing quickly and effortlessly. Here are some other key features of the platform:

  • Marketing

By collecting and managing data, your customers are put at the forefront of every business decision and interaction. With this increase in customer data, marketing strategies can stretch across the entire customer journey.

By tracking touch-points, your company can ensure that every customer has access to the optimal experience.

Salesforce will help your company with customer engagement by using AI to build experiences based on customer actions in real time.

  • Sales

With Salesforce CRM platforms, customer data is seamlessly shared between departments. By integrating data, you also integrate marketing and customer service into the customer experience.

Salesforce allows your company to close deals faster by speeding up business conversion down your pipeline.

Sales teams can work together more effectively with increased productivity. This programming allows for increased sales opportunities across your organization with a more comprehensive view of your customers.

  • Commerce

Salesforce is built for e-commerce applications. With collaboration and an emphasis on the customer, Salesforce drives success in any industry. The commerce cloud allows for personalized engagement with each customer.

It offers a scalable and secure platform for transactions to take place and enhances the customer experience.

  • Customer service

In the digital age, customer service has changed. With Salesforce, consistent company data across platforms allows you to better track customer concerns. It helps your company provide more reliable, accurate customer service.

The program helps your employees track and respond to customer concerns as they arise.

  • App building

With their low-code app building, everyone in your company is on the same page. Through integrated workflows, the platform executes a variety of complex processes for your business.

How InterOperate integrates Salesforce to increase productivity within your technology stack


Salesforce is one of the many programs InterOperate uses to integrate your business functions and business data. Our partnership with this platform allows our customers to access all their data in one, centralized location.

With easy access to applications and data in one platform, your business can work efficiently by responding to customers faster and more accurately.

Click here to learn more about how InterOperate uses Salesforce to help your company manage data.

If these basic integrations don’t meet your company’s needs, that’s where we come in with custom integrations using a more robust iPaaS called Workato.

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